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Faculty and Administration

Teaching requires depth of experience, constant innovation, unremitting patience, frequently renewed knowledge, and perseverance. Above all else, teaching requires passion. With an average of 18 years of experience and a bottomless well of passion, OMC teachers create an environment that help students be the best they can be – spiritually, academically, and socially.

Colleen Amuso camuso@omcparish.com Director of Advancement
Rev. Robert Bazzoli, O.S.F.S. bbazzoli@omcparish.com Pastor
Maria Beatty mbeatty@omcparish.com Fifth Grade
Adrianna Caddle acaddle@omcparish.com Spanish
Susan Canio scanio@omcparish.com Seventh Grade
Kat Dumenigo kdumenigo@omcparish.com Pre-K3
Lauren Gorman lgorman@omcparish.com Sixth Grade
Megan Kletzel mkletzel@omcparish.com Third Grade
Liz Lasek llasek@omcparish.com Art
Suzanne Lasek slasek@omcparish.com Administrative Assistant
Richard Leonard rleonard@omcparish.com Eighth Grade
Melissa Logan mlogan@omcparish.com Fourth Grade
Elise Malizia emalizia@omcparish.com Music
Andrew Meehan Physical Education
Melissa Nash mnash@omcparish.com Technology
Nancy Rowbottom Kindergarten
Theresa Schmidt tponte@omcparish.com  Principal
Joanne Ravasco jravasco@omcparish.com School Nurse
Michele Snyder msnyder@omcparish.com Pre-K4
Samantha Sellers ssellers@omcparish.com First Grade
Nancy Weir nweir@omcparish.com Second Grade