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First in Math

First in Math is a national online program based on the 24 GAME, along with bonus games and competitions ( The goal of the program is the development of skill in mental math, problem solving, pattern recognition and number sense. Studies have shown that students who participated in First in Math improved their scores on standardized tests and had a more positive attitude toward the subject.

At OMC, First in Math is available after school for grades 4-8 throughout the school year. Space is limited to twenty-four students and is run on Tuesdays from 3PM-4PM. The program is moderated by Ms. Gorman, our sixth grade teacher. First in Math is offered at no cost to students, but a yearlong commitment is required for this popular program.

To sign up for First in Math for the 2016-17 school year, please read and fill out the registration form and return to school by September 27!  Students will then be chosen randomly until 24 students are picked.  Letter will then be sent home to the students who can participate.