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Physical Education

Andrew Meehan

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Teaching Philosophy

As Albert Einstein said “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Whether one believes this or not, teaching and learning occur all the time. Teachers provide the knowledge to help experience life in a new way. The impact of a teacher on a child’s life is extraordinary. Early in my college years, I knew that I wanted to impact the lives of children for the better.

As a Physical Educator, I feel it is important to widen student knowledge about health and the importance of physical activity. Because of the diverse learning styles of students, I incorporate a variety of instructional techniques including visual demonstrations, auditory explanations, and hands-on experiences. This variation of techniques enables me to meet the needs of all learners. I focus on the importance of safety while being physically active, the importance of fitness, and the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

My classes incorporate lessons that allow students to make connections to everyday life experiences. My lessons challenge students to think more deeply about issues involved in health and physical education, while affording the opportunity for creativity and fun.

As a teacher, I understand that managing student behavior is a key component to success in the classroom. Objectives and expectations are clearly explained at the beginning of the term and throughout the school year.  I strive to develop a good rapport with students so that a personal connection can be made between teacher and student. It is my goal to serve as a positive role model for my students while teaching them skills that they may use throughout their lives.

Overview of Curriculum

Following the standards of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the curriculum is broken up into two 3-week units followed by 1 week of fitness activities. The curriculum is broken up into two parts to accommodate varying age and skill levels.

Grades Pre-K through 3rd focus on locomotor, motor planning, manipulative, and introductory skills.

Grades 4-8 focus on the skills needed to play a variety of sports including football, Frisbee, soccer, basketball, and handball.  In addition to participation in fitness activities after each 3-week unit, students of all grades learn about health concepts such as fitness, nutrition, and the body systems.

I teach basic skills first and do not continue on to more challenging skills until at least 80% of students have mastered the current skill. Visual observation allows me to provide students with feedback as necessary.