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Nancy Rowbottom

Kindergarten Web Page

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that Kindergarten involves teaching the “whole child”. My goal is to encourage more than just academic growth. I also seek to help my students achieve spiritual growth and personal development. So, my approach to teaching includes both following our prescribed curriculum, as well as engaging the students in activities and practices that teach them how to interact with and respect others in group settings and to apply critical thinking skills in their daily lives.

Overview of Curriculum

In ELA (English Language Arts), the students are taught to read phonetically, as well as taught sight words and word families. By the end of the year, the students are expected to read and comprehend books. They are taught to expand their vocabulary and use it through speech and writing.

In Math, the students are taught to identify, count, and write numerals to 100. They are taught to compare, combine and take away sets of numbers to 10. Two- and three- dimensional figures are taught and objects are compared and measured for length and weight.

In Social Studies, we study the world around us. Community helpers are identified, holidays are studied and the map of the United States is examined.

In Religion, the students are introduced to Catholicism. They are taught about Jesus, His family and His life.

In Science, the students are taught about matter, seeds, living things and insects.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students are prepared to move to the next level. Once my students advance to first grade, I work with their teacher to give insight into any strategies that may help those students make a successful transition.