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Support Staff Advocates

In the first two weeks of every school year at OMC, teachers, Elwyn staff, and Merit staff sequester in the Principal’s office to review all students in every grade who either have had support service or who may be in need.  All reports, evaluations, and scores are scrutinized.  Teachers provide empirical feedback based on experience with a particular student.  The intensity of these sessions is raised as the team determines the scope of support needed for a child – if any.  Finally, for those children where support is deemed necessary, a Support Staff Advocate is assigned to each child.  The Support Staff Advocate follows the student throughout the school year to make sure that the support recommended is applied and, if necessary, adjusted according to need.  The support staff advocates also act as liaisons between a student’s teacher, the student’s parents, and the entire OMC support team.  While all teachers at OMC are advocates for the children who sit before them, for those students who may struggle, having an additional support staff advocate represents another positive force on the child’s team.